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Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

The digital era has changed everything, and online paid advertising is the norm nowadays.

Let’s look at some figures.

With roughly 2.96 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2022, Facebook is the most-used online social network worldwide. In 2022, there were over 46 million Facebook users in the UK, which is expected to reach close to 50 million by 2027.

FB  Instagram Ads

As of January 2022, Instagram was the fourth most popular social media platform in the world in terms of user numbers (around 1.4 billion monthly active users). WhatsApp is ranked third (about 2 billion monthly active users).  In September 2022, Instagram had approximately 32 million users in the United Kingdom (UK). 

The number of Meta users makes Facebook and Instagram Ads one of the fastest, most effective, and most efficient ways to inform your audience that your business is ready to provide what they are looking for.

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